My journey to Lebanon and this website would not be possible without the following people and organizations. Thank you for your friendship, prayers and support.–and a warm and special thank you to those who financially supported my trip.* In addition, I would like to publicly thank Heart for Lebanon staff and Camille and Hoda Melki for their warm embrace, patience and care during my stay in Lebanon.

Richard, Lizzie & Brian Andres*

Richard, Bonnie, Cole and Conner Beshwate

Kristen Blanchet*

Nick Brengle

Doug and Susan Britton*

Marianne Coad

Tom & Karen Erhard*

Jesse Field

Kelli Gillbreath

Scott & Debi Hanshew

David & Cheri Klassen

Norm and Mary Klassen

Hong & Emily Kaing*

Alan MacDonald

Violent Minter*

Dan & Sheila Miller

Julie Miller*

Tim and Lisa Miller*

Frank and Jean Moreno

Michael and Anya Lee Patterson

Josh, Becky, Clover, Leela & Sage Sexton

Lenore Vickrey*

Joan von Renner*

Rob & Lauren Webster

If I missed anyone, please don’t hesitate to contact me!